Reconditioned doesn’t have to mean second best!  It certainly doesn’t at Manchester Stairlift.

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Reconditioned doesn’t have to mean second best! It certainly doesn’t at Manchester Stairlift.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of all our reconditioned stairlifts. We provide full guarantees on our stairlifts, giving our clients peace of mind.   While price may be a consideration, the quality and safety of all our reconditioned stairlifts is still a top priority.

The installation of a refurbished stairlift gives a simple and efficient solution for anyone with mobility issues. It allows you to remain in your home, with the freedom to access bedrooms and bathrooms with greater ease. If you are struggling, or know someone who is struggling, then you should speak to one of our trained staff today.

We can assure you that our reconditioned stairlifts are fully checked, serviced and installed to the highest standard.

The benefits of choosing a reconditioned stairlift

Reconditioned stairlifts cost less

A reconditioned stairlift is a great compromise for those who are working on a budget but are still looking for great quality and guarantees from a reputable company. We hold a wide range of reconditioned stairlifts and are happy to chat to you about costs, suitability etc. The type of stairlift someone needs is dependent on many factors, such as the staircase, the height and weight of the individual and their capability for use. Therefore, it’s important to speak to someone with the correct knowledge and experience.

Reconditioned stairlifts can be as good as new

We work extremely hard to ensure that all our reconditioned stairlifts are fully checked, serviced and worn / damaged parts are repaired or renewed prior to installation.  We don’t compromise on quality or safety. We’re confident to state that our refurbished stairlifts are ‘as good as new’.

Providing excellent support and service – aftercare

Manchester Stairlift offer guarantees on all our refurbished stairlifts. We want every client to have peace of mind and be assured that the quality and safety is second to none.

Get in touch today on 0161 330 5544

Client satisfaction is extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on our customer care and customer satisfaction. The choice to purchase reconditioned stairlifts may come at a particularly difficult family time, so we take the time to understand your needs and concerns.

Customer Review

Both the level of service and job completed is excellent.

“The time and care taken to ensure I was totally satisfied I had the right mobility product was outstanding and excellent value. Quality product.”

Check out further customer reviews

Manchester Stairlifts are a family owned and run business. We offer a free home visit and consultation for all reconditioned stairlifts. Our staff and trained engineers are available to answer any queries you may have.

Contact us today at Manchester Stairlift

We’re open 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday

from 9 a.m. till 7.00 p.m.

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When should you consider a Stairlift?

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When should you consider a Stairlift?

One of the things we take for granted is our mobility. We don’t consider the ease and freedom in which we move around our homes until we can’t. It often comes on gradually, when we start to leave things on the bottom step ‘to take up later’. Then one day the stairs we would scale 30 times a day begin to look like mount Everest and fill us with dread.
With bathrooms and bedrooms on the second floor it’s not until our mobility becomes an issue that the simplest of tasks become increasingly difficult. It can affect our independence and our confidence.
Stairlifts aren’t just there for the elderly. Stairlifts are designed for people with any form of limited mobility; for example, conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, hip replacements, post-operative disabilities, strength and flexibility issues etc.
If you find yourself struggling to get upstairs, for whatever reason, it’s time to consider a stairlift – it’s as simple as that.

Stairlift Prices with Manchester Stairlift
We offer a free home visit consultation for every stairlift we install – for brand new stairlifts, and for our reconditioned stairlifts. It’s imperative that every clients’ specific needs and requirements are fully met when the stairlift is installed. From initial consultation to final installation, our staff and trained engineers are on hand to answer all your queries.


Fully reconditioned Stairlifts
We don’t want a stairlifts price to be prohibitive to someone getting back their independence. This is why we also offer a wide selection of reconditioned stairlifts.
We understand that cost can be a major factor when considering a stairlift. Our reconditioned stairlifts are fully tested for quality, safety and functionality before being resold. They must meet our own exacting standards before they are reinstalled. Get in touch with us today to discuss the current selection of reconditioned stairlifts we have available.

So why chose Manchester Stairlifts?

Manchester Stairlifts are a family owned and run business. We pride ourselves on our product quality, customer care and our customer satisfaction. All our staff are fully trained and certified to the stairlift manufacturers standards. The safety of our clients is paramount to us. The service you receive from us, whether this is a new top of the range stairlift, to a simple reconditioned stairlift will be the same exceptional service all our clients receive.

Contact us today at We’re open 6 days a week, from 9 a.m. till 7.00 p.m.

Client Review –
Supplied and Fitted Stair Lift.
“Excellent service from initial quotation to completion. There was no “pushy” sales tactics. They knew what they were talking about and pointed out all the options and any issues. The Engineer who came out was very courteous and very efficient. Job was complete including full demo in under 2 Hours. Could not have asked for a better job. Thanks Again.”

Check out further customer reviews

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Do you know someone who has trouble going up and down stairs?

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Do you know someone who has trouble going up and down stairs?

Do you know someone who has trouble going up and down stairs? A case manager in Manchester did and contacted her local authority for help. An older gentleman she was working with was no longer able to safely use the stairs in his home, and as a consequence was at risk for an out of home placement. No one wanted to see him have to leave his home, but realized that something needed to be done to make using the stairs safer for him. His case manager called the local authority and learned of various options.

After discussion, a stairlift was determined to be a good fit, as it met the needs of the individual and would work in the space available. Unfortunately, typical funding sources denied coverage, and family resources were limited, so the purchase of a new stairlift system was out. When it looked like all was going to come to nothing, the  case manager remembered Manchester Stairlifts  supply and install reconditioned stairlifts, She searched the site and located a reconditioned stairlift that would meet the need. The family purchased it, had it installed, and their dad is now able to remain home and use the stairs safely.

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Stairlift stopped working!

8 months ago ·

Stairlift stopped working!

Our customer in Manchester returned to their holiday home to discover that his stair lift wasn’t working anymore. A case of poor stair lift battery care. He had unplugged it when he left for the winter, thinking that would preserve the batteries. But he’d forgotten to turn it off

Most stair lifts run on batteries housed under the seat. The batteries are charged by a charger which is plugged into a standard wall socket. The life of the batteries is usually several years. Good stair lift battery care can make a difference

Since our customer in from Manchester hadn’t turned off his stair lift (with the on/off switch on the downstairs side of the undercarriage) it continued to draw a little power off the batteries (to light the LED display). Since he unplugged the unit, the battery charger wasn’t working  – the batteries went dead and had to be replaced. In other words, while the stair lift is on, the charger must remain plugged in or the batteries will die. On many stair lift models, the unit will beep if the batteries aren’t charging, reminding you to either plug the charger in or turn the stair lift off.

When leaving for more than a few days, Manchester Stairlifts recommend turning your unit off and unplugging it. This way, if there’s a power outage while you’re gone, your battery won’t be killed.

If you have a power outage while you’re home, we recommend turning your stair lift off after every use. This will maximize battery life while the power is being restored. Unfortunately, if the batteries are drained before power is restored, they will have to be replaced.

One final note – It’s a lot more difficult to change the batteries on a stair lift than it sounds. We don’t recommend trying to do it yourself. It’s tricky and there are too many things you could mess up – lots of wires, etc. . So please call Manchester Stair lifts.

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Are Stair Lifts Safe?

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Are Stair Lifts Safe?

A common question among people shopping for a stair lift is, “Are they safe?”. Stair lifts that are installed properly by an experienced provider and used correctly are extremely safe. A quality installer such as  Manchester  Stairlifts go to great lengths to make sure their stair lifts meet rigorous safety standards.

Some of these design considerations include:

  • Footplate and motor sensors that will detect an obstruction on the stairs and stop the lift
  • Seats fitted with seatbelts that will keep a rider secured while the lift is in motion
  • Swivel seats that will turn away from the top of the stairs while off loading
  • Batteries that are constantly charging so that a lift can be used during a power outage
  • Optional folding rail at the bottom of the stairs to avoid a tripping hazard
  • Enclosed motor to prevent clothing or hair from becoming caught

While these design features go a long way to ensure safe use of a stair lift, there are things that the user should keep in mind to maximize safety.

  1. Make sure the user is able to stand, bear weight, and pivot
  2. Make sure wheelchair users have ample strength to safely transfer from wheelchair to stair lift
  3. Adhere to the stated weight capacity of your lift. Typically, between 300 and 400 lbs.
  4. Use safety features like the seat belt and swivel seat when riding and offloading the stair lift
  5. Use an experienced and licensed company to install your stair lift
  6. Schedule yearly preventive maintenance appointments with your provider

Final Thoughts

After buying a stair lift from us you will have little to worry We will be able to confirm various safety features on individual stair lift models and give proper instruction for use.

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