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Find Your Perfect Second Hand Stairlift

At Manchester Stairlifts, we are determined to provide stairlift solutions to every and any customer that needs the support of a stairlift in their homes – this includes not only providing technical solutions for straight and curved stairlifts where appropriate, but also providing practical solutions at all price points to suit all budgets. Our commitment to accessibility means that we take pride in providing a huge range of second hand & refurbished stairlifts – so if you need a second hand stairlift, you are certain to find the ideal solution within our range.

Our experts are here to guide you through the journey of selecting and installing a second hand stairlift. It can be a daunting and stressful time – even taking the decision to begin searching for a stairlift can be one that is emotionally taxing. It’s important, therefore, to not only choose the stairlift that is perfect for your home, but also an installation company that, over years of experience, has developed a reassuring approach, and is able to answer any question you may have to ease your worries.

We can provide refurbished and second hand stairlifts whether your property requires a straight or curved stairlift, and we service all of Greater Manchester.

Of course, as well as providing an answer to your search for a second hand stairlift, we also offer a bespoke service for new installations. Every home, staircase, and set of needs is different, and with such an important purchase you might find the process smoother with a new unit, rather than a second hand stairlift. Our experienced installers will always be on hand to answer any questions that you may have, and may be able to point you in a direction which you had not considered before.

To find out more about second hand and refurbished stairlifts, and to have a longer consultation with our experts, call 0161 330 5544 or fill out an online form on our website.

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