Move Freely With A Home Chair Lift

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Move Freely With A Home Chair Lift

Adding a home chair lift into a house gives the user their freedom back, ensuring that their house doesn’t become smaller than it needs to be.

With the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown continuing in Manchester, it’s never been more important to maximise the space around which we can freely move. For some people, that might mean extending a garage or shed, or redesigning a garden or outside space. For others, it means interior work – which might mean knocking through a wall, for example. For some, though, installing a home chairlift gives them access back to their home, and gives them far more space to live in.

A home chair lift can be installed on any style of staircase, whether it turns around corners or includes half-landings. With Manchester Stairlifts, our experts will assess your home before any installation begins, advising you on any options and requirements that the stairlift might need to meet. This is a two-way conversation, where our experts listen to exactly what you need, why you might need it and are able to offer both emotional and practical support during the installation process. At Manchester Stairlifts, we understand the effects of a home chairlift not only on physical health but also on mental wellbeing and attitude to life.

We also know that one of the major considerations with a home chair lift is home stair lift prices, which can be higher than people initially expect. We hate to think that the freedom to move around their house might be cut off from some people because of money, which is why our home stair lift prices are always the fairest on the market. What’s more, we also offer refurbished home chair lift options to suit all budgets, as well as payment plans and rental opportunities.

For an initial chat about how a home chair lift gives it’s users their freedom back, call us today on 0161 330 5544. Alternatively, you can email us at or by filling out the contact form found across our website.

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