“Since having my Infinity Stairlift installed I feel like I have got my home back, my stairs are no longer the problem they once were”
Jill Greaves, Heartfordshire.

“It surprised me how fast the Infinity arrived, I expected it to take an age. Not with Bespoke Stairlifts though”
Brian Eaves, Pembrokeshire.

Infinity Outdoor Stairlifts

Infinity Outdoor Stairlift Specification

It’s not just getting around the house that can be difficult. More and more of our customers are using the Bespoke Infinity Curved Stairlift to enable them to stay in the family home, even when access to the house is tricky. Our state of the art modifications and engineering enhancements have enabled us to take the stairlift outside creating the Infinity Outdoor Stairlift.

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Seat & Carriage

  • Outdoor cover specially designed to protect your Infinity from the elements
  • Protective PCB silicon coating to ensure the electronic functionality is not compromised.
  • Upgraded outdoor specification componentry throughout the product. IP rated switches manufactured with an integral silicone membrane ensuring the parts last the life of your stairlift.

Rail Enhancements

  • Specially engineered Epoxy Polyester rail coating developed to offer excellent corrosion protection to enable greater withstanding of the elements.
  • Additional protective coating upon the rack to slow down the corrosion process applied during installation.