Meditek E120 Comfort Stairlift

The MediTek E120 Comfort combines classic style with affordability. Simplicity at its finest, the Comfort is a reliable stairlift at a price that suits you.

With its slim profile and neutral colour the Comfort offers you complete peace of mind, freedom and blends into your home with ease.

Meditek E120 Comfort

The E120 Comfort comes in Alura (cream) upholstery which is washable and fireproof.

What to Expect

  1. Joystick Control
  2. Remote Control
  3. ICS Diagnostic Display
  4. Manual Swivel Lever
  5. Retractable Seatbelt
  6. Fixed Seat Post
  7. Continuous Charge Strip
  8. Foot Rest Link (optional extra)
  9. Powered Swivel Seat (optional extra)
  10. Telescopic Seat Post (optional extra)

Safety Features

  1. Pressure-Sensitive Surfaces
  2. Emergency Holding Button
  3. Barrier Arm (optional extra)
  4. Key Switch

With unrivalled quality, comfort, and safety features at the entry-level, the E120 is redefining the meaning of value.
The unrivalled design severs the association between high calibre and high cost.

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Foldable Design

The Brooks 80 can be folded up against the wall anywhere along the stairs to free up space. When folded.

Safety Edges

The safety edges are located around the footrest and carriage. They stop the stairlift instantly if it encounters any obstructions along the stairs.

Bespoke Curved Track

The modular rail can be fitted to staircases that feature: 90° bends, 180° turns, quarter landings, multiple bends, fan shaped stairs, square landings, 180° wrap round starts, 360° shaped staircases – external or internal side.

Safety Belt

The Brooks 180 comes fitted with a safety belt as standard. This can be used for extra safety whilst travelling along the stairs.

Arm Controls

The easy to use controls enable the user to control the stairlift up and down stairs by the press of a button. They are located on the end of both arms.

Remote Controls

The wireless remote controls enable the user to call and send the stairlift up and down the staircase. These are especially handy when 2 people are using the lift.

Swivel Lever

The swivel lever is located in easy reach on either side of the chair. When pushed downwards it unlocks the swivelling mechanism.

Swivel Seat

The swivel seat enables easy access to the landing area. Once swivelled, the seat locks in place allowing you to get out of the chair securely.