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Stay safe at home with a home stair lift!

More than ever, the health of our elderly population is at the forefront of our minds. It’s important that whilst we remain vigilant, and shield them from the threat of coronavirus, that we don’t forget to ensure that all homes are appropriate for self-isolation – which might be the state in which all over 70s have to exist for up to 12 weeks, according to some government advice. One way of ensuring their safety is by installing a home stair lift.

Installing a home stair lift ensures that no part of the home will become off-limits in the coming months. Mobility is crucial to our sense of freedom, everyone should have the right to move freely within their own home. It’s critical now more than ever that homes are set up to accommodate those with mobility issues. Whether that is your elderly relatives who have been advised to avoid unnecessary human contact or if you struggle with mobility issues yourself, we have a stair lift solution for you. 

At Manchester Stairlifts, we know the value of safety. We know how important mobility is to both our physical and mental health. When you’re stuck inside, a new home stair lift might provide the mental health benefits that can keep spirits up during this crisis – an investment well worth making. We have a range of solutions for both straight and curved staircases, which can be altered to fit your staircases at home.

We can come to you for a consultation and measurement. Acting fast is advised as we do not know how the current situation will worsen, and we may not be able to help you as quickly during a time of total lockdown, although we will always endeavour to do our best to help.

For more information on home stair lifts, and other solutions for making your house as safe a place to be as possible, please contact us on 0161 330 5544, fill out an online form or email at info@manchesterstairlifts.com

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