Why choose Manchester Stairlifts?

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Why choose Manchester Stairlifts?

Did you just google “stair lifts for sale”? If you did you probably got over 3 million results!  A lot of information at the touch of a button, but not all of it will give you the ‘no nonsense, jargon free’ advice you need – at a time when you will need it most. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet – but as a family run business, with years of experience, we know what you need to know!  We know the things you’ll ask, and we’re happy to oblige – over the phone, or during a free home consultation.

Why chose Manchester Stairlifts?

When you finally make the decision that it’s time to install a stairlift in your home, for yourself or a family member, there is a lot to consider. It can be daunting, and with so much information out there it can become extremely confusing. That’s why it’s important that you come and talk to our team at Manchester Stairlift. We are a family run business who are passionate about stairlifts, and in ensuring that our clients get the right advice – from initial enquiry to final installation we know you won’t get a better experience anywhere else.

Reconditioned Stairlifts – a real option, or not?

Yes of course. While it’s our business to sell new stairlifts we also want to be accessible to those people who, for many reasons (not just financial), don’t want to purchase new. That’s why we go the extra mile with our reconditioned stairlifts.

We understand that one of the first things that will cross your mind is the cost!  Not everyone is in a financial situation that allows them to purchase a brand new ‘state of the art’ stairlift. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of reconditioned stairlifts – reconditioned to the highest of standards, and that come with the same safety standards and reliability you would expect with a new stairlift.

Stair Lifts for Sale

We have a large inventory of stair lifts for sale in our stock, and via our reputable list of manufacturers. Take a look round website – get a feel for what’s on offer but then give us a call. Free with no obligation to buy you really have nothing to lose.

From initial consultation to final installation, our staff and trained engineers are on hand to answer all your queries.


The service you receive from us, whether this is a new top of the range stairlift or one of our reconditioned stairlifts, it will be the same exceptional service you would expect, and more!

Contact us today at http://www.manchesterstairlifts.com/contact  We’re open 6 days a week, from 9 a.m. till 7.00 p.m.

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