Stairlift stopped working!

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Stairlift stopped working!

Our customer in Manchester returned to their holiday home to discover that his stair lift wasn’t working anymore. A case of poor stair lift battery care. He had unplugged it when he left for the winter, thinking that would preserve the batteries. But he’d forgotten to turn it off

Most stair lifts run on batteries housed under the seat. The batteries are charged by a charger which is plugged into a standard wall socket. The life of the batteries is usually several years. Good stair lift battery care can make a difference

Since our customer in from Manchester hadn’t turned off his stair lift (with the on/off switch on the downstairs side of the undercarriage) it continued to draw a little power off the batteries (to light the LED display). Since he unplugged the unit, the battery charger wasn’t working  – the batteries went dead and had to be replaced. In other words, while the stair lift is on, the charger must remain plugged in or the batteries will die. On many stair lift models, the unit will beep if the batteries aren’t charging, reminding you to either plug the charger in or turn the stair lift off.

When leaving for more than a few days, Manchester Stairlifts recommend turning your unit off and unplugging it. This way, if there’s a power outage while you’re gone, your battery won’t be killed.

If you have a power outage while you’re home, we recommend turning your stair lift off after every use. This will maximize battery life while the power is being restored. Unfortunately, if the batteries are drained before power is restored, they will have to be replaced.

One final note – It’s a lot more difficult to change the batteries on a stair lift than it sounds. We don’t recommend trying to do it yourself. It’s tricky and there are too many things you could mess up – lots of wires, etc. . So please call Manchester Stair lifts.

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